Founded in 2016 Become™ is a female driven startup incubated by a Sri Lankan Apparel Manufacturer that developed the technology for intimate-wear brand Icon and produces THINX period-proof panties. They are an award winning, ethical manufacturer that specialises in next-to-skin clothing and employs over 70% women.

The apparel was ideated in London, tested in Germany, and manufactured in Sri Lanka with tech fabrics to help women manage the most common symptom of the menopause, the hot flush.

After extensive research in the target demographic Become found that women generally found the media image of the menoapuse as outdated and not in line with their vision of themselves. With the average menopause starting at 50 women felt they were being poorly represented in this area of their lives. Armed with this information Become approached The Nice Things to deliver a fashion-led campaign reframing the menopause with a 'you can do this' intention.


Having identified the key messages I worked closely with Become to deliver a polished and contemporary representation of the consumer journey pre and post Become. With 'unsoppable' as a key brand value the brief was to deliver something empowering, uplifting and inspiring.The Nice Things produced and directed all the photo and video assets for the brand launch, including a series of cinemagraphs as well as a hero video to fully launch the brand in the digital space.

Brand - Become
Director - Marion Bergin
DOP - Rory Landgondown
Creative Director - Marion Bergin
Producer - Marion Bergin
Editor - Dan Bollard
Grade - Raygun 
Copy - Anna Butterworth
Casting - Marion Bergin + Radiesha Dulwatte
Art Direction - Ash K Halliburton
Styling - Emma Beadie
Make-up - Loan Nguyen

Social Media Cinemagraphs


Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 14.49.54