Thandii’s sound is bold and playful, “an attempt to put a female stamp on an otherwise male-dominated sound” so we joined forces to create a visual narrative with the same intention.


Under the dramatic skies of Margate that inspired Turner’s epic landscapes, the story follows a tormented man as he unravels across the screen. The video explores the internal struggle of someone with mental health issues.

Shooting in infrared was key to representing the alienation of mental illness, a hyperreal visual creating a removed existence.


Casting helped create something compelling and unnerving, a character instilling equal amounts of fear and fascination. A twist sees the artist appear in the role of onlooker – a cameo in a cameo.


My DOP Crhis Du Mont used one of 3 prototype "NAT" filters developed by Tiffen to achieve the skin tones.

Coming to directing via fashion design, this is Marion's directorial debut.

Video credits

Director: Marion Bergin
Producer: Lisa Turnbull 
Production Company: Reblis Films
DOP: Chris DuMont
Focus Puller: Oliver Sugars 
Editor: Laura Cairney-Keize
Make Up Artist: Lan Nguyen
Runner: Joshua Idusohan
Casting Director: Madeleine Ostilie 
Actor: Leonid Topalov
Post Production: Element