Marion Bergin is an Irish interdisciplinary creative based between Dublin and London. Educated in History of Art at Trinity College Dublin, she has over 15 years experience in creative directing brands including the launch and scale of her London-based fashion label. A self-taught director and photographer, she recently expanded the scope of her creative into documentary film. 

Marion moves through the world seeking the beauty in the  benign, the light in the darkness and strives to tell stories  from a place of compassion. Approaching projects with anthropological curiosity, she aspires to develop work  that questions the status quo, examines the foundations of society and fosters new perspectives through shared human experience.  Marion aims to unearth the overlooked, the inaccessible and the unseen.


With the majority of her work in the branded content and music video area, her forthcoming body of work is a documentary and photographic examination of the impact of gentrification on Dublin’s inner city horse culture. 


Marion, also a trained yoga and meditation teacher, is fascinated by mankind’s innate desire to connect with the natural world and its subsequent manifestation in urban settings. 

She approaches the world beyond border limitations and she thrives on collaborating internationally. Her work has been featured in countless magazines including Elle US, Vogue, Dazed and Confused, and 10 Magazine.    

Brand work can be seen at